Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest size that you go up to, for adults?

Men’s we have sizes Small-7x and Women’s we have sizes Small-2x.

Is there a minimum order of shirts that I have to order?

Yes, there is a minimum order of 50 items per screen.  (i.e. Must be 50 Men’s shirts and/or 50 Women’s/Children’s shirts. Unable to combine Men’s and Women/Children shirt due to screen size, unless OK with smaller Women’s/Children’s screen being printed on Men’s shirt).

How long does printing take?

Once the design is confirmed, standard printing takes 4-5 weeks. 3 week rush orders are possible upon printer availability and an extra charge.

Is it possible to get an order done in less than 3 weeks?

Yes, it is possible.  We would need to double check, but it would be dependent upon printer availability.

What color shirts do you offer?

We offer all the main colors – white, black, blue, red, green, orange, etc. If you would like a more specialized color (i.e. baby blue), please inquire to see if we have it available.

How long does the designing process take?

The design process is different for everyone.  The process can take from 2-3 day, up to 3 weeks dependent on the customer.  During this process, you will provide all necessary information on design (colors, vector files, names, words, ideas, etc) and our artist will work with you to create a design custom to your liking.

Am I able to keep the design after printing the shirts?

If the art is an original design and does NOT include our Hawaii’s Finest Logo (collaboration), we can provide you with the vectored file upon request. If the art includes our Hawaii’s Finest Logo, we will NOT provide the vector file and all future items with the design will need to be printed through us.

How can I pay for my shirts?

We accept Cash at the Hawaii’s Finest Clothing shop, located at 333 Ward Ave. #400, credit card and/or check.